I have a fire inside me but I am teaching it to not need anything

I aspire to be

Like the wind

Moving everything, but so gently

It is more still with the movement.

I aspire to be like that note

A musical tone

Something you can’t see

So close to being nothing, yet still alive.

I have become so yielding for you

Yielding without needing.

Sinking into the earth and grounding energies.

The living that we are all doing is growing. cleaning itself, rubbing its eyes , becoming clear.

The life in a plant, that stretches its branch to eat the sun 

The chlorophyll which turns light into form,

I eat the plant,

I am that light which makes form.

I thought of her beauty and it reminded me of my own soul.

She speaks in soul codes

She’ll unlock your memory

The soul is made of everything which is beautiful 

And it will be more so than you can even imagine

But we try

And that’s the practice 

Creation hides in human minds unaware of their own excellence.

She loves what she made.

She doesn’t need you to acknowledge her miracle.


There protecting and directing,

the only wind,

The only author,

The one orchestrator,

But so gentle and subtle,

You’ll forget that she is there

Like birds who think they’re flying

but are just gliding on the wind.

Or a musician, whose tune he thinks he invented, but really it visited him

Like something alive

A song in the mind before it is sounded-

Alive but not incarnate, present and silent,

I will take that tune and give it sound.

I close my eyes when I look, and my life itself is a song which subtly encodes my world.