I feel it 🔮☄️

Don’t relate to people that don’t relate to you

I mean don’t involve them in your mind 

Make sure to be yourself.

I didn’t think I world say this

But we can’t date because you believe in the program

V word

I’m hungry for some booms

You’re just what the matrix uses to get to people like me

Whatever can drag a person down

Like negative emotions 

I’m sounding a bell for the real woke to gather round

And not let any of the dumb matrix shit get to us anymore !

I won’t use the phoneee 

I don’t wanna date her anymore

We saw what was foul, what we thought should be hidden. 

We simply do not resonate

Minds have to come together 

I’m waiting for something like this

I’m waiting for someone who knows and understands the things I do 

It frustrates me to no end 

Not relating to people

But when I can’t I let go

Only rely on your own inner compass.

I agree to us 

Together in perpetuity

I believe in a sustainable love on a sustainable planet

I believe that the realm we live in renews itself continually and is not running out 

I believe in a world that is renewing itself continuously 

In which our resources will never run out 

Soulmate love 

Maybe not incarnate

I demand a good sleep, and a good dream, and to go where I belong. !

I could say a whole mess of things bother me

But then they also don’t

And this is the way it is

I could list them but I literally forget

They are just fleeting glimpses in the mind

Of a face a time or memory

A fleeting glimpse of an instance 

A time but only a memory of a time, and by that point incorrect 

It never happened

Because your memory of it is not it

The time

The time can only be now, 




Inextricable to your very life 

Not a quality 

Not a being even











This is poetry

I’m not insane

Poets are the madmen

The ones who lost their mind and went insane

Why do I love them so much?

Because the madmen are so wise

Sustainable Nature Is

Creation Is

Natural Law Dynamics Is  

Present in my world 

I invite God in

And I have to tell it to my world

Though I feared their reaction 

Who believes in God?

I do, and you don’t understand me.

I am creation mechanics. The human being realizing their own angelic nature and the reality of source 

Is creation mechanics

Quantum physics of the soul

No, I’m not shitting you. I’m not fluff with my words. I do it to describe this space

And I love it but it is very complex.

I won’t say I’m afraid but it is very scary.

And you will encounter all of that

And emerge because I am strong 

Jesus Christ


I’m trying to understand what that means

And it can help

Because I hold ideas gently and only for my own benefit

I am a disciple of God.

I wish to be a messenger too. But my work starts here making her world.

I make my world like this. I create with consciousness. It’s easy, we all do it. Just do it more awarely. 

No I’m not smart I just believe in God

God is Nature is Intelligence 

Is Mother

And Dad




Vertigo spine rise imagine dreams in which we created heaven

And can you remember that place you wished to be and you were

Remember how it felt there

A familiar place

A foreign country or world it seemed 

Dimension, time, planet, I don’t know.

There were objects to play on like a jungle gym 

Playground swing set

Climb rungs of ladder outside cool green metal rungs in the dark

And no one is with you and you are free to roam

You smell the metal and see not much because it is dark, but you inhale the temperate night air and clouds appear in your vision

Far-away on the horizon you see the whole city from your perch, and that’s why you climbed there, for the view.

Maybe my mind maybe a real place, probably a real place even being a dream, if you know what I mean. 

Warm. Pleasant. Familiar. Like the whole place was emitting a pleasant sound tone. And a smell. And the feeling that you were home at your moms 

The whole place emitted your self.

Maybe because I dreamed it

Maybe because it’s where I come from

Maybe.. I just want to meet you there

Her; whoever

Whoever understands me

Someone just in my thoughts 

Or my imagination of past lives

As genetic memory I suppose

And I know soulmates exist

No matter how much I don’t remember.

I just know it in my blood.