I’m not tryna get more: I get what I get.

Great but not better than

I won’t think of people anymore 

I am that . Eternal witness 

I enjoy everyone and I don’t think of them 

Including myself 

Who is confident? 

Vanity or self doubt? 

I need this good feeling to pull me thru

The confidence of my true self 

Not mistaken for the separate one 



I AM the mind maker. 

My love 

I have to find

Within myself

Before I go 

To pick up the phone.

Plenty of space here

And plenty of unknown

It’s what I wanted

The freedom from I 

Is here 

The magic potential of it 

Don’t fill it up with the phone

Pollute your perfect emptiness

Don’t need to..


I have more energy for me 

More of my own good energy for me

Could I see that giving to her so much left me less for myself?  Love, Attention. 

Does it bother you when girls are rude bitches to you?

No, and that’s where my superpower is.

(The soul memory)

Seeing her gives me love quanta

These girls are nothing to me 

I am it 

But not just that

I know what it is , it’s me and beyond

I know what the juice is 

I feed myself so I don’t need to be fed

I fed others as well easily without thinking about it. It won’t irk me that others fail to 

It only did when I wanted them to 

But if I give up that expectation 

I’d never be disappointed.

Who is she

I don’t even care now 

It’s just me ..

Just a cool memory

Of our 18 year old selves

I’m our imagination 

Timeless 20


I promise I won’t need to rely on anyone but you 

My own holy imagination

The goddess lives within me 

And out

I vow to forgive every transgressor

I vow to be generous

I can be 

I promise I won’t fixate on any.. one.. woman or person

They won’t be it 

Who is it? You are it for real

You know as I do 

I’m only interested in the most aware 

Knowledge and awareness 

I release anyones opinion of me from my radar

I no longer have anyone

And it’s so beautiful 

I won’t make the mistake again..

I can still reach out but I won’t need to 

Nothing to lose or gain from this game

It isn’t that serious

I have been satisfied already by the Holy Ghost 

Thank you cosmic mother and father 

I don’t need any sex in particular 

Not even the one in my head

And the one in my head was best

My dreamm.. my creation 

I never lost my soulmate lover..

She is changing I’ll admit

But I never lost her 

Lilly get under my covers

Exist only in my mind this time 

Timeless dream space , eternity of other realms 

It’s not just you who I want to meet

But you are the conduit in touch with me

Through you I meet her

Goddess of life and death

Fascinated by the pseudo place living and dead still meet. Mental realms..

I promise I won’t be drained


To some lame famous tang

I promise I will live up to my potential

I found my artistic genius in a memory of 

When we first were creative 

We first knew we had excellent taste

Looking back we were kids

Not even cool or cute

But different in a good way 

And not afraid of anything

True punks, you more than me

But not completely

Never completely free

We chain ourselves with mentality

Each time

I consciously devote to the clear mind 

Help me improve 

My mood has quality and makes beauty

But I continue some things out of habit 

Thinking of anyone at all

Delusional. Craving them sure 

Separate sexual from emotional

I’m not sure how

And substances to maintain the mood

Substances out of habit and ritual 

I admit it results in psychic outpour, is it worth the organ damage

The weed. The guitar. The markers.

The yoga, the prayer

The meditation, the prayer

The ganj made it so all I could

Do was meditate.. on the headbuzzing it created. The headbuzzing like I’m trying to stop it but not. trying to make it flow all

Away . All Prana out open aura too

Holding no tension 

I’d rather write than look at other peoples content one more minute

Absorbing is exhausting and I’ve done so much more than enough of it. Tomorrow I will keep creating

Not empty gazing

Creating with my state

Feeding not being fed

I will always be one who gives food not one who asks for it 

I am grateful it protected me from a variety of negative emotions

Relying at all on others for your emotional state

Always dissatisfactory.

Thank you memory of a dead girl again reminding me of who I am. How cool we used to be, can be, and are

I’ll show em it 

I’ll show em it 

I’ll be inspired 

I am inspired

Lit from within not seeking lights outside

I won’t even pray for a pleasant day

With a pleasant date

The height of my desire

And yet the most simple

Easy wish 

No one meets their soulmate, they learn better in loneliness.

I don’t look for my soulmate outside of me

I do but..

Only after manifesting her first within do I expect her arrival

Like a reflection in the mirror 

When I was chasing after all these girls..

I forgot how cool I am

And when I remember, I don’t act like that

So thirsty..

I discern 

Psychic sense 

Trust my gut

Will I fall in love with a young woman

What type of qualities will there be? And in the great infinite pile of qualities, which ones are the most special?

Just that I need her now

And she’s the one who will show up next,

In front of me

And bet to death I’ll love her powerfully

Black sphere magnet in the blood

Like the pupils which dilate 

Salivating chemical moon

I will love her because she’s in front of me, not because of her qualities. 

I will be minimally irritated

As I have no preferences

Just let me be

As a I am

Yes I go to the drawing board again

In search of myself