Begin the Passage:

You’re floating outside my window

In my minds eye your face in trees

There visiting in ..



I get it, you want attention

(Source of my pain!) a sin, and yet, so pure

I want to be heard!


A song without words

Or sound even

Just harmonics of living

Vibrational energy current of my powerful heart

And yours and ours

So romantic again but not at all, it doesn’t have to be

More like, wanting to be close

For general reasons, innocently

Like family love even

So unsullied

If you don’t attempt great things, well then great things will never happen.

I am an electrical line / wire

A magnetic field of influence

I wish only to heal!

It’s quite literally Yoga to Save the World.

Literal Joy! Embodied.


It’s so fucking easy to enter victorious from the forest of negative emotions.

Looking for something new 👀

The power of “I’d rather not spiral downwards in emotional frequency today”

The power of Love

They tried to stop the golden age with this nonsense, but they cannot. We are feeling great ~

Tell them I support you

Seen and heard and felt

Wanting to be close to C dream

There’s light coming from my eyes

I’ll continue to feel the love for you for now

Perhaps this good warm feeling is the cure

More physical than emotional

I’ll love you even if we don’t kiss or touch or get closer

I love and protect you, appreciate and admire, and bring the warm feeling, being the warm feeling, no matter what

Even when your cold, low vibe, anxious, not nice to me,

I have the warm feeling, I am the warmth

I want you to come be comforted by it

But even if you are not

It is for me to be comforted by 🔥

Personal relations founded on reflected glory, on the need to admire and be admired, prove fleeting and insubstantial

When I start to feel sad she won’t reciprocate, what do I do?

Catch myself and redirect energy. Emotional alchemy. Focus on something fulfilling instead, focus WITHIN

where the kingdom of God is born we know 👐🌀

I want to be closer to you

But idk if you can give me the attention I want

I should probably try to be there as a friend

It might turn out better

Though I have this desire

“You become drained in personal interactions when you’re trying to get from someone what they’re not able to give.”

Don’t try to get what they’re not able the give

I don’t want her attention

Learn this!

In order to get there, still allow love

Undifferentiated love

The love of your own being, pure, unobjective, unconditional, natural loving energy love

And love her too, just at her own pace

And be a friend there instead of wanting and needing.

wanting and needing exist not to be fulfilled by any one human in particular. How is it gonna work for me?

Freedom, wellness, abundant well of shakti

The love that does it all and has no face or name

Shit already here you just ain’t seen it yet

I could feel all my sweet good will for you

It brought me virtue but not happiness

See my angelic nature is love

Love is my angelic nature

I choose to love anyway

I am a warrior

Am I being drained by this?

Watch the quality of “love” involved

Something not capable of being drained

Is love found within

Positive regard for all beings is related but not the love I’m talking about

This love is about the unity with God

Alchemical realization

The way I love her, I don’t have to reveal anything about myself

She didn’t ask for it

I don’t even really need to know her details, but I pick up her signature

And sure it’s imperfect

But I love it anyway

And my love is silent

Silent until she asks me to speak

Don’t be upset today baby please

I’m here to nurture you

The nurturing love can exist no matter the weather;

Be so free baby, be so free please, for me.

Well and loving and easy ~-

Loving her so much but not having the pain of it

Can you even imagine

Do you remember another version of this hologram where we were in the ancient past with colossal and glorious technological architecture

We were us but in a different setting

Yes, still us

Despite the different appearances

And even faces

Still we met

There and here

Because it’s natural harmony

And no matter how much distortion they put into this machine the same baseline organic truth remains

And will be revealed more, and new, every single moment and day..

I just love it, I’m excited , elated

I have already met the girl who makes me feel this way and it’s a conglomerate of a few angels and mainly my own self,

I took the angel seat and loved my personal human like a different one

So I could really love and not be at all doubtful or critical

What can be doubted and critiqued is thoughts, not her, lovely beautiful innocent soul expression. 💗

Yes I genuinely love her, mystic, and I’ll stick with, it

Remember only this and I’m Golden💛⭐️👑🌟⚜️🏆🔑🔱

Expand forever in divine grace 🌟 please 💛

Oh dear, oh gracious me,

I hold this understanding like the holy grail

And it didn’t stop emotional pain from arising, but the wisdom and energy will transmute pain

Transmute all pain for our gracious daughter of God

Source consciousness

Heart electric vibration even overwhelms

Bursts the still surface and screams

And I twist my face and make a fist and yell, and feel everything erupting through my body and out my head

The shakti, the chi, whatever this divine invisible firewater is, I see it without seeing it now and I am elated

Blessed and grateful, and everything at once.

Not waiting for a thing, sitting home and playing in the mighty fountain. Smirking at passersby who don’t realize where we actually are..

I hope I never forget

Even though I know I must remind myself everyday, for being around all these people full of misunderstanding, where I put myself to bring light, can also make you forget!

You forget and remind yourself again

But it’s more about feeling than thinking

Become at home in your true heart substance. Grand and mighty and glowing lion substance of her soul light

I’m saying, it’s real baby, believe me

And she doesn’t believe me and it’s ok.


I want to be liked but never primarily –

Primarily I want to exist in my true essence and be aware of the love of God inside

I’m happy without sex

I’m happy with love and joy and nature and poetry and trees and animals and family and .. my car and my weed

She danced herself into a diamond

dancing all by herself and not minding

Doing things as she dreamed it

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