Yin Yang

I am Bambi’s nature

The animation of a leaf’s water droplets

I am the animal personalities 

The rabbit thumping

The skunk in love 

The deer learning 

The music in the forest

Was the colors of leaves and the interaction of living creatures 

The complex web or interaction 

How it is ultimately a family, one thing, 

And it learns from itself. 

All parts cannot be ignored, 

All parts are seen and heard and considered , and learned from,  even if not consciously.

We needed help, we didn’t know originally who we are until we looked around at each other. 


I should ignore my compulsions more

They’re irresistible 

Is that the devil?


I heard a personality is like a demon

And it makes sense. 


What about a note tone

It doesn’t matter how anyone looks

Can you believe it ?

You were so excited 

And it doesn’t matter 

She’s not it 

No one is anything anyone 

That doesn’t mean I don’t love and cherish each one.


The one is a demon, the personality without the other 

The personality which foolishly divides itself into me and not me

Foolish and necessary to exist.

And automatic in fact. We can’t help it.

I’m not saying it’s evil. I admire it in fact. Kind of beautiful in a fierce way, like the way a man is beautiful. His power came from his individuation, because he owned his being. He was king of his being and world. He is. And no subtle mind control or desire or any tactic can sway him off his knowledgeable throne. 

You believe in yourself so you can be strong. 

Your mind is more feminine, it questions the personality. Helpful. 

Perhaps this is a yin – yang thing. 

Maybe the yang is like a spirit that possesses yin matter and gives a neutral thing charge – becomes the psyche of man. 

Without the yang, we would all be the same. 

All beings functioning but like an animal, all neutral and united like the clay of the Earth. 


You only felt uncomfortable because you were ignoring your life’s purpose, and you return to it again. It’s self discovery. 

Digesting all the noise and making a coherent picture 

Interpreting and resetting the belief system 

Our definitions and expectations 

Of whatever this is 

Could say realm

I can infer from being in this realm that there are other realms. Some denser and some less dense. (More material) which is uncomfortable but an opportunity for expression and understanding. I celebrate this semi-dense realm because I love being an individual. Still I know the limits of the individual and my true identity as the all. Yin Yang. Trying to reduce suffering of course, which stems from misunderstanding. An excess on either side of the complementary opposites. Most often too much yang – ego but it could also be not enough, with failure to identify and value the individual self. 

Yin 0 yang 1

The one who is a person and the one who is not (we have both)

The “demon” / psyche / personality and the earth (body / matter) 

Its not bad, I only say demon because it possess form but is by nature formless.

This duality makes sense to me because I experience both aspects of myself and wish to bring them into balance like in eastern traditional medicine.

All I really needed to do was intend to write, and speak my truth, and I found I was capable of such profound and helpful information. That is what I mean by returning to your purpose. 

Our purpose is curiosity about this. World building and reshaping.

The ready willingness to redefine reality and make new models. Ready willingness to throw out the prior, or keep only the best ideas from it..

Every iteration is an improvement 

Every iteration is the same 

Like a branch and the one before it 

One iteration could not really be considered distinct, they all informed each other. These perspectives on existence. Worlds. Still in the film strip.


You can look at how it appears different while being the same. How it may take what’s best from the past and improve, or how it is also a matter of taste, and it will create new visions just on artistic whim.

This is the DNA of Mother Nature and how the plants and animals, bugs and amoebas we know are a communicating family of .. intelligence

And something that simply loves expression. I mean. You seen tropical birds? 

The purpose is simply beauty of course, you could say. But it’s also something else. Just existence and just self love. Just a display of intelligence and creative power. 

Just the love of expression and the freedom to do it new! 

All bad things come from the opposite, doing it the same, repeating what’s handed to you without your own creative interpretations and iterations. Iterations of being – the art of living – philosophy. 

Personality and Higher Self

The reality of pain and the ability to heal 

Nature creates and solves problems for itself 

The Jaguar eats the snake

Or whatever it eats

And then the snake family DNA learns how to  step it up and not get eaten .. 

Camouflage, maybe. The threat made our adaptations better.

This relates to human life as well, even in our complex social and mental arrangements, mostly misunderstandings. We are still not going to get away from the fact that we are living organic DNA just like trees. We are the eyes of nature just as much, and we learn from our surroundings, senses, unique umwelt experience. (Yin) 

And we add to the picture for everybody else-

Our understanding improves the whole understanding 

And it is possible to improve. 

Let us believe this.

I forgot I knew, until I tried to remember (write!)

Yes it’s our purpose to try to remember. To take an interest in our own identity, and work on creating something true. I can’t believe you weren’t even interested in finding out for yourself – you were so brainwashed. You thought they told you the truth already, and you didn’t have to seek it out yourself. Hah! 

Make your own iteration, it’s what we are here for. 

Depression and dissatisfaction and all woes can be cured by taking an interest in truth, esp the truth of who we are.

Depression is a symptom of a stuck or static view of reality and identity which is probably false and programmed, therefore limiting.

I’m saying you can change your reality by changing your perception, again esp. perception of the self. Self defining is the most powerful move we make in this realm, and we forgot that. They tried all sorts of ways to make us forget this power. 

We learn from our family and I am motivated by this intrinsic drive to improve myself for the benefit and well-being of all.

As you lay down alone remember you do have Love, and you do have company.

And devote to Truth

To have a positive impact. 

It’s just me which is whatever I make it, and so I make myself with Joy.